Hello.  Welcome to ByteSizePharma, where I explore the opportunities for digital communications for the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare.

I’ve been working in digital since the internet was invented and in pharma for a total of 30 years, including leading a pharma brand’s global communications and leading global eMarketing – so I’ve done one-brand-across-channels and one-channel-across-brands (not that digital is one channel of course…).

I am CEO of Kanga, an agency that helps pharmaceutical companies to embed digital channels into the communications mix.  I am constantly surprised and delighted by the exciting new ways our clients and partners are using digital methods to engage and interact with customers.  I hope to share some examples, ideas and challenges here, and I hope you’ll share yours, too.

To learn more about me you can look at my LinkedIn profile or follow me on Twitter.

2 comments on “About
  1. J. Gill says:

    It is not about the technology..Treating a pateint like a person is about reaching them with thoughts that matter…it is about communicating the idea, making complecated science understood, useful and practicle

    • Kay Wesley says:

      I totally agree. If we lose sight of the patient it doesn’t matter what channel of communication we use. The fact is, patients consult Google before their doctor, so if we are really interested in good patient care we should be thinking hard about what we offer in terms of digital channel as well as others (face to face, print, broadcast etc). I am not sure at what point you thought I was claiming “it’s about the technology”?

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by Kay Wesley of Kanga Health Ltd

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